We Are Dugo

We Made Battery Management Simple.

Why Dugo?

Our core values

Keep Honest

Honesty builds trust, and trust builds the foundation for a great team. We also extend this honesty to our customers to foster better communication and encourage valuable feedback

Be Adventurous

Dugonians turn ideas into actions and never stop at the status quo. Quality workmanship is our top priority. At Dugo, you’re free to explore your concepts and convictions, wherever they may take you

Have Fun

We don't like taking ourselves too seriously. Seriously! When we succeed, we like to celebrate. And when we fail, we take the time to reflect and adjust course accordingly

Be Badass

Yes... you read correctly. While we are nice and honest, we also like to challenge conventions and find the truth in a sea of assumptions. And we think that's pretty badass ;)

A bit of History

How did we start?

Enterprise level software and hardware have, surprisingly, fallen behind when it comes to usability and intelligence. Dugo aims to change (a segment) of that by focusing on the energy management of cell towers.

So why this and not thousands of others? Because it was something that Kianoosh, Dugo's cofounder and CEO, had to deal with. An avid engineer in the area of usability of technology, he’s been obsessed with how designers and engineers connect people to technology.

In his former position at a wireless company, one of his main task was to handle energy challenges for about 1,000 cell towers. In a nutshell, he had to make sure that cell towers would run if there was a power outage. He was given a multi-million dollar yearly budget and had to work with 50 technicians and a few engineers. Although everyone was great, the task remained challenging and surprisingly manual driven. He always thought "It shouldn't be this painful".

When he left his job, he decided to work on making this easier for his former colleagues. That was when Dugo, as an idea, was incepted. A few months later, Dugo comprised of developers, designers and advisors. Along the way, many technicians, engineers and managers lent a helping hand. And Dugo's team would like to thank them all for their honest and invaluable feedback. Without them, we wouldn't be here.

We hope to return the favour by making their lives a teeny tiny easier. That's all that matters to Dugo: Knowing that the "soul" and "passion" put into Dugo has helped others.